Tuesday, 21 February 2012

semi retirement my a*#@!!!

Ok so I need to be more dedicated to this blog thing.  Life has been so dam busy I cant keep up.  I had this insane idea that when I stopped working every hour made I would live in this arty creative world and hang out in my craft room all day long and create and create and .....well u get the picture! so far i think i have managed two whole days of craftyness the rest is just filled with looking after my MIL and being suzie bloody homemaker THAT WAS NOT IN MY DREAM!!!  nor was endless hours whittled away by the dreaded facebook.  The best days however are aunty shell days.  I love them the most.
tonight i am about to embark on an epic craftwork decorating a full sized antique printers tray.  ill post progress pics as i go but for now here is my two days work form last week.


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