Monday, 23 January 2012

Ray of sunshine

 Morning little rays of sunshine!  BLURGH who am i trying to kid, its Monday morning.  For me Mondays are my Saturdays and after working flat chat for the last 5 days I'm pooped!  every part of my brain wants to create but my body says a resounding NO WAY IN HELL.  mind you looking around this craft room it looks like I'm gonna spend 3 days cleaning it up to be able to do anything new in here!  I'm sure someone sneaks in here while I'm at work and gets all my stuff out and spreads it around on every surface just to foil me from making nice things....or its like col says, I'm used to working in a kitchen when fairies (read apprentice) do all my dirty work and clean up after me all day.  I'm going with the first one, the second one just makes me sound lazy!
The clock above is a Dusty Attic mdf kit.  You will soon work out I'm addicted to flourishes and damask patterns and I'm sure I'm not alone!  The border is splodged with texture past and after I painted it black I rubbed silver gilders paste on the raised bits.  The silver on the dress and chandelier is metal foil. So easy to use but a nice mirror finish.

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  1. Awesome project, looking forward to seeing more of your creations.