Thursday, 19 January 2012


BOOYEAH!! I'm on a design team!!! yeah i know, i know, who isn't.  Well its my first online one so I'm pretty chuffed.  The lucky shop is Scrap Elegance Scrapbook Supplies (hehe!)  with the lovely Tenisha Furlong.  The online shop isn't quite open yet but watch this space for a link as soon as its all systems go. 
This lovely dream page was one I submitted with my application, clearly it was my delicious niece that got me the gig so i better give miss grace some credits! its not my usual style but it was nice to do something pretty and romantic.  The pic is printed on canvas paper I got in an art store.  I just ran it through the old pixma on a high deposit ink setting so that the ink filled all the ripples in the canvas. it looks better from a bit of a distance much like a monet!


  1. Great work Shell! Congrats on the online DT aswell. M xx

  2. I love this! Definately looking forward to the online shop :) You deaerve to be ptoud of your work, its beautiful <3