Monday, 2 January 2012 a blogger!!!

Righto, here goes, my first ever blog post.
I have no intention to be a sappy pukey blog writer. I am how I am and I say it how it is.  I really just want to share my art with those who give a crap.  
Im a scrapper, a fledgling mixed media artist, a lover, a sister, a daughter and an aunty (my favourite part). Until very recently I was a restauranteur and now, quite frankly I'm enjoying the possibilities of an artistic future that does not involve the hospitality industry.
Im not a fragile girl, Im a go getter woman with my own tools and a determination to do what I want, my way.  Im a softy to the core and love my family and friends with all my heart.
This is my year to shine....and nothings gonna stop me so look out 2012!!!!!
If you like my work then thank u and if you dont then i thank you to be honest and simply say why (chances are we dont like the same things about it! ;) ) ENJOY...

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